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Canbus LEDs Explained

Posted by Andrew 02/10/2017 0 Comment(s)

We often get questions regarding what are CAN Bus bulbs, and why are they used in vehicles instead of standard LED bulbs. There seems to be lot of misinformation and confusion on the subject, so we want to provide a simplified explanation to help demystify CAN Bus for you.

What are CAN Bus LED bulbs?
CAN Bus LED bulbs are specifically designed with built-in load resistors to allow them to communicate with CAN(Controller Area Network) Bus equipped vehicles without triggering the on-board computer. This is because LED bulbs use so little power, and without those built-in load resistors, the computers on CAN Bus equipped vehicles may detect this as a "bulb out", and will show an error code/warning light.

NOTE: Load resistors can be used to stop CAN Bus error codes when using LED bulbs which do not have built in CAN Bus resistors.

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