How to fit our Ford Fiesta Speedo & Time LED Dash kit

How to fit our Ford Fiesta Speedo & Time LED Dash kit

STEP 1: Remove the speedo cowling (in the Fiesta you must remove the two screws arrowed above the speedo and the one to the left of the central vents behind the blacking plate)

STEP 2: Remove the screws holding the speedo in

STEP 3: Remove the plug out of the back of the speedo. You may have to remove the steering column cowling to get the speedo fully out, simply remove the two screws underneath as pictured to do this

STEP 4: By gently twisting remove the two bulbs at the top of the speedo and then remove the green bulb connection wire rail

STEP 5: Seperate the speedo case into two by depressing the black clips out from the white part of the unit. Put the pictured speedo section to one side for later

STEP 6: The white bulb holder has to be removed from the unit as this contains a green light filter. We used a Stanley knife around the edges and it then lifted off. Be careful not to damage this upon removal as it has to be refitted

STEP 7: Once the white bulb holder has been removed, underneath it you will see a green filter housed in a black shell. Pull on the black shell, it lifts off from the white holder. The green filter can then be removed. Place the black shell back on and using super glue or a hot glue gun refix the white holder back to the speedo shell

STEP 8: If you have a digital mileage display we now need to remove and replace the filter. If you have an analog mileage counter skip STEPS 8 - 11

Take the other half of the speedo and remove the screws from the back with a T10 Torx bit. 

STEP 9: Once the white board is removed from the plastic the plastic milometer housing needs to be unclipped. Be very very careful prizing this off – it is clipped on

STEP 10: Now for the tricky bit. The LCD display cannot be completely removed, it is attached to the many wire legs. However it can be gently lifted, and underneath it will be a filter stuck to the underside. This has to be removed. The picture shows the filter, we removed it by using the finger nail to get it started and then getting a small flat blade to fully remove it. It is vital not to over prize the LCD display, snap it off the wire legs and it will not function. So take your time on this step.

STEP 11: Once the green filter is removed, trace around it onto our filter, and cut out (we used a small nail scissors to get the exact size. Then refit the new filter and reassemble the LCD display. Then reassemble the complete speedo display, making sure the glue has set on the speedo half and you are ready to fit the bulbs to the speedo unit.

STEP 12: If you haven’t already, remove the two large bulbs pictured by gently twisting them out.

STEP 13: Pull out the bulb from the holder and fit our high power LED into the holder. You may have to spread the legs on the LED as pictured to ensure contact

STEP 14: Re-fit the twist lock holder. Plug the Speedo in and test. If the LED fails to illuminate this will be because the holder is in the wrong way. Remove, rotate 180 degrees and refit. LEDs are polarity sensitive and will only work one way around. You can see when the LED is illuminating as in picture

STEP 15: Now we must put the LED into the mileage display. STEPS 15 & 16 can be skipped if you have an analog milometer. Gently untwist the milometer LED

STEP 16: Replace with our LED in holder. Again if your milometer fails to illuminate, take the holder out, turn through 180 degrees and refit. Also note that ignition must be on for this to illuminate in a lot of cars.

STEP 17: Re-fit the speedo and cowlings and admire Lightec Autostyle’s fantastic LEDs

TOOLS REQUIRED: Soldering Iron with fine tip (we used a 15W iron)

Solder (we used 0.6mm solder)

Tweezers for removing LEDs

IMPORTANT NOTE: This kit requires soldering very small LEDs into position. This may not be so easy for inexperienced solderers. We strongly advise gaining help from someone who has used soldering irons before. Lightec Autostyle accept no responsibility for unfortunate damages caused through misuse of soldering iron

STEP 1: Remove time display from vehicle, in the Fiesta it is simply clipped in, we gently prized it out using a small flat head screwdriver

STEP 2: Separate the display into two halves, removing the white plastic from the black as pictured.

STEP 3: Gently remove the circuit board from the black plastic, this will simply lever out. Be very careful not to damage the board

STEP 4: Then gently remove the white LCD housing from the circuit board.

STEP 5: You will now see the LEDs that must be removed. The two in the centre are for the time display, the end LED is the alarm flash

STEP 6: Place your display the same way as pictured in STEP 5 and you will see on the top right of each LED is a cutout in each corner. This determines which way the LED must sit. Solder the new LEDs in any other way round and they will not function. Using your tweezers get a grip of the LED, melt the solder on each side with your iron and remove the LED

STEP 7: Place the new blue LED into position and solder back in place. You may find there is enough solder on the board to retain the new LEDs. If not add a little more solder to be sure

STEP 8: Finally, reassemble the time unit and re-install back in car ensuring all LEDs function.